16 July

70 projects submitted to Filmteractive Market 2014!

Filmteractive map
The Filmteractive Market submissions deadline expired yesterday.

We have received almost 70 applications from 20 european countries but also from USA, Canada, Israel, Brazil, Rwanda, India and Dominican Republic. Once again we have a chance to get know interesting projects from multinational group of authors.
11 July

Filmteractive 2014 programme is already online!

Red Bull Media House, Content Marketing Institute and more!!!

Check out the programme of Filmteractive 2014.
And do not hesitate to buy your tickets!
04 July

IAB Poland co-organises Filmteractive 2014!

Please welcome Interactive Advertising Bureau Poland among the organisers of our event!

After three years of successful cooperation between IAB Poland (former Institutional Partner of Filmteractive) and Media Klaster Foundation (the main organiser of Filmteractive) both parties have decided to extend their cooperation.

IAB is an advertising business organization that develops industry standards, conducts research, and provides legal support for the online advertising industry. The organization represents a large number of the most prominent media outlets globally, but mostly in the United States and in Europe.

IAB Poland website: iab.org.pl/
24 June

50 copies of Joe Pulizzi’s „Epic Content Marketing” for Filmteractive 2014 participants.

Be the first to buy your regular price tickets and get the book written by content marketing guru!

Don’t be late! The offer is limited! We have the book for the first 50 participants who buy their regular price Filmteractive tickets!*

Here you can watch the trailer of the book:

And here is why you should get your copy:

“From the man who invented content marketing. Listen to this guy. He really understands the world of marketing. The concepts in Epic Content Marketing are usable all over the world – instantly usable and useful for any business.”

– DON SCHULTZ “the father of intergrated marketing”, Professor Emeritus at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, and author of 13 books

“As Joe shows us in his wonderful Epic Content Marketing, you must unlearn interrupting people with your nonsense. Instead publish the valuable content they want to consume and are eager to share.”

– DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT, marketing specialist and bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Just to remind you - Joe Pulizzi will give a keynote video conference speech during Filmteractive Conference on September 24th.

*Special offers do not combine
10 June

Watch Filmteractive 2014 promotional video!!!

Come to Filmteractive and listen to experts form Red Bull Media House, Lego and Content Marketing Institute.
02 June

Filmteractive Market – new project submission deadline

Send your application before July 13th!

The projects keep coming and coming so we have decided to set up a new SUBMISSION DEADLINE – JULY 13th!

    We are looking for:
  • interactive video
  • crossmedia/transmedia
  • branded content
  • digital content

The best 8 selected interactive films, crossmedia and digital content projects will be pitched in front of international professionals, content buyers, and European broadcasters.

30 May

Red Bull Media House at Filmteractive 2014

Bernhard Hafenscher, Head of Commercial Distribution at RBMH will be the keynote speaker at Filmteractive Conference!

"Beyond content marketing – how Red Bull Media House developed a 360° approach as a global content production" is the topic of our keynote presentation.

"When 8 million people tuned in to watch Felix Baumgartner’s insanely epic space jump, they did so because it was 'can’t miss entertainment' – the fact that it was Red Bull ad was secondary" - Mashable – If you want to learn how it is done, you just can’t miss the RBMH presentation at Filmteractive 2014.

Bernhard Hafenscher joined Red Bull Media House in 2008. By now he runs an international team with global responsibility for program sales, commercial partnerships and affiliate sales.

To learn more about Bernhard visit: www.filmteractive.eu/speakers-bernhard-hafenscher.php
26 May

Three weeks left to buy your Filmteractive „early bird” tickets

Don’t be late! Buy your ticket before June 13th for €150/599PLN

Here you can buy your discounted ticket: www.filmteractive.eu/tickets.php


Take part in Filmteractive and listen to world-class Content Marketing experts!
Meet our speakers: www.filmteractive.eu/conference-speakers.php
09 May

Meet the Head of Filmteractive Market 2014 expert panel!

Adipat Virdi – transmedia producer from the UK.

After the successful participation in Filmteractive 2013 (as a member of the Market expert panel and Filmteractive Festival speaker) Adipat Virdi has agreed to be the Head of 2014 expert panel.

Adipat Virdi is a well-known transmedia producer. Alongside this, he has set up Transmediology as a hub for designing experiences, engaging audiences and managing communities within brands and storyworlds.
Here you can find more information about Adipat Virdi: transmediasphere.com/page4.htm
25 April

The founder of BrandedEntertainmentOnline.de at Filmteractive 2014

Florian Heister, branded content expert from Germany is joining Filmteractive Conference!

In the meantime we strongly advise you to visit the BEO.de website brandedentertainmentonline.de

We are also proud to announce that BEO.de is a media patron of Filmteractive 2014!
17 April

Watch Filmteractive Market 2013 pitching sessions!

Do not hesitate to submit your project to Filmteractive Market 2014! I the meantime you can check out how the Market participants did last year.

Presentations already online:
Pitching Session SYNCSELF (UK)

Our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/Filmteractive

Presentations to be published:
Pitching Session DELIGIC (PL)
Pitching Session FLASHBACK (DENMARK)
Pitching Session GENIUS ON DEMAND (PL)
Pitching Session NULLPUNKT (ESTONIA)
08 April

Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute (USA) at Filmteractive 2014!

Author, speaker and evangelist, is a content marketing expert dedicated to helping companies grow profits by creating better content

Joe Pulizzi, One of the founders of the content marketing movement, Joe launched what is now the Content Marketing Institute back in 2007 as a true online resource for those interested in content marketing and brand storytelling. Joe started using the term "content marketing" back in 2001.

Joe speaks around the world about "Content as the Future of Marketing" to both marketing and publishing groups. Joe is also co-author of Get Content Get Customers (with Newt Barrett, McGraw-Hill), a hands-on book about how any small, medium or large business can attract and grow customers by smart usage of content. Joe also wrote Managing Content Marketing with Robert Rose, which is an actionable plan for how organizations can structure around content marketing.

Joe's new book, Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) was released in September, 2013 and was named one of the top five business books of 2013 by Fortune magazine.
02 April

"Early bird" Filmteractive tickets are already available!

Don’t be late! Buy your ticket before June 13th for €150/599PLN

Here you can buy your discounted ticket:

Take part in Filmteractive and listen to world-class Content Marketing experts!
More info and Filmteractive 2014 programme – coming soon! You won’t be disappointed!
14 March

Filmteractive Market Call for Projects is open till May 30th.

We are looking for:
- interactive videos
- crossmedia/transmedia
- branded content
- digital content

If you are the author, of the interesting audiovisual project and want to present it, submit your application:

The best 8 selected interactive films, crossmedia and digital content projects will be pitched in front of international professionals, content buyers, and European broadcasters.

To submit your project, e-mail us by 30th May 2014. We are interested in projects in all the phases of production (planning, creating, post – production, finished projects). You can also submit an application or IT solution as long as it follows the thematic scope of Filmteractive Market.

Drop us a line at: project@filmteractive.eu
If you are a content buyer, contact agata.lepianka@filmteractive.eu
25 February

We are delighted to announce the date for Filmteractive 2014!

Filmteractive Conference focus in 2014: content marketing. Following the newest advertising trends we would like to show the 360̊ perspective on content marketing presenting the point of view of brands, agencies and creators.

Filmteractive Market is the first interactive and crossmedia content marketplace in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a place for young content creators and for those who want to sell or buy a project or technological solution.
In 2013 Filmteractive Market had its first edition and was a huge success. In 2014 the format will be continued.

Call for projects: March 2014

We are looking for: interactive video, crossmedia/ transmedia, branded content and digital content.

Filmteractive Festival is a unique combination of art, film and new technologies. It is a part devoted to digital creators and artists. Our focus in 2014 is interactive cinema. We are going to showcase the most interesting examples of world’s interactive full length films as well as short interactive video formats.

17 february

Filmteractive Conference and Festival presentations are already online!

Watch Dr Christa Sommerer presenting her interactive digital art and interactive interfaces.

Every two weeks we are publishing videos with Filmteractive 2013 Conference and Festival presentations.
    Follow our YouTube channel and watch the following presentations:
  • Ranaud Fuchs “Second Screen Society Report”
  • Christa Sommerer “Interactive digital art and interactive interfaces”
  • Patrice Slupowski “The evolution of TV 2013-2020 – interactive services, second-screen, social & smart TV and set-top boxes.”
  • Alex Hryniewicz “Was It Something I Said? – Innovative new cross-platform panel show by Channel 4.”
  • Szymon Karbowski “Second Screen – who will pay, viewers or advertisers?”

Follow our YouTube channel.
14 january

Watch the interviews with
Filmteractive 2013 speakers on YouTube.

What are the biggest challenges of multiplatform productions?
Listen to Adipat Virdi – multiplatform producer from UK.

Here you can find the interview with Adipat Virdi:

All the interviews are published on our YouTube profile:

  • Patrice Slupowski (Orange, France)
  • Isa Ostertag (ZDF, Germany)
  • Fran van Oirschot (Ex Machina, Netherlands)
  • Christa Sommerer (Digital Artist, Austria)
  • Simon Staffans (MediaCity, Finland)
  • Yifat Fouchs (Screenz, Israel)
  • Adipat Virdi (Transmediasphere, UK)

Special thanks to The Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region - the producer of the footage and Sonia Fizek, Project Manager of 2013 edition, who has interviewed Filmteractive speakers.
13 december

„RanyJulek” competition award ceremony video is already online!

Feel the Filmteractive Festival emotions one more time.

Watch the award ceremony of a Million You contest for the most interesting video-interpretation of a poem "RanyJulek" by Julian Tuwim.

Visit our YouTube profile and watch the video.
03 december

Filmteractive 2013 interviews are already online!

Listen to our keynote speaker Patrice Slupowski from Orange – France Telecom and Isa Ostertag from ZDF Germany.

Every Monday till January 6th we are publishing interviews with Filmteractive Conference & Festival speakers.

You can find them on our YouTube profile: www.youtube.com/user/Filmteractive

Our schedule:
  • 25.11 – Patrice Slupowski (Orange, France)
  • 2.12 - Isa Ostertag (ZDF, Germany)
  • 9.12 - Fran van Oirschot (Ex Machina, Netherlands)
  • 16.12 - Christa Sommerer (Digital Artist, Austria)
  • 23.12 - Simon Staffans (MediaCity, Finland)
  • 30.12 - Yifat Fouchs (Screenz, Israel)
  • 6.01 - Adipat Virdi (Transmediasphere, UK)

Special thanks for The Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region - the producer of the footage
22 november

Learn more about The Kissinger Twins’ projects

Did you like “The Trip”? We strongly recommend you to watch other interactive videos by Kasia Kifert and Dawid Marcinkowski.

The Kissinger Twins were one of the speakers during Filmteractive Festival 2013, where they presented their transmedia project “The Trip”. If you liked it, we advise you to visit their website: www.kissingertwins.com

You can watch there other interactive videos of this amazing multi-media duo:

  • "Forget me not"
    Interactive video clip; Composer: Andrzej Smolik. Vocal: Emmanuelle Seigner
  • "Summer camp"
    Transmedia storyteling project
  • "Sufferrosa"
    Interactive Web-Based movie
15 november

Catch up with Filmteractive 2013 Speakers

Catch up with Filmteractive 2013 Speakers
We strongly recommend you to follow Simon Staffans’ blog.

Simon Staffans has over 20 years of hands-on experience in media, from radio to television, from print to online. For 8 years he has been writing his blog “Developing Media – a blog on storytelling over different media”. You can find there many interesting opinions, thoughts, interviews, reviews and reports.

Visit: simonstaffans.com

You can begin with:

“On Transmedia”

“Audience participation – the changing role of the Author”

And you can also read something about Filmteractive:
05 november

Filmteractive 2013 video report is already online!

Filmteractive 2013 video report is already online!
Our media partner ISTV has published a dedicated Filmteractive 2013 report.

Visit out YouTube profile: youtu.be/WL2ruu4M3kQ

Check out what do the Filmteractive speakers say about the event:
Olgierd Cygan (Digital One, Poland)
Simon Staffans (MediaCity, Finland)
Ȧsa Berquist Hȧȧl (Hyper Island, Sweden)
Alex Hryniewicz (Maverick TV, UK)
Frank van Oirschot (Ex Machina, Netherlands)
Kasia Kifert and Dawid Marcinkowski (The Kissinger Twins, UK)
24 october

Filmterective 2013 Conference presentations are already online

Watch Filmteractive Conference & Festival presentations on SlideShare!
Watch Filmteractive Conference & Festival presentations on SlideShare!

We are glad to announce, that Filmteractive Conference Power Point presentations are being uploaded to our Slide Share profile:

The missing presentations will be uploaded successively.
18 october

Watch Filmteractive 2013 Report on TVP.pl

Visit our Pinterest profile.
Our strategic partner presents the first Filmtereactive video report

Visit TVP.pl: www.tvp.pl/kultura/mloda-sztuka/filmteractive-festival-2013

Watch interviews about Filmteractive, interactive television and second screen solutions.

Find out what do the Filmteractive speakers say behind the scenes:
  • Olgierd Cygan (Filmteractive Founder)
  • Mariusz Stecki (iTVP HD)
  • Frank van Oirschot (Ex Machina)
  • Simon Staffans (MediaCity)
  • Yifat Fouchs (Screenz)
14 october

Take a look at the Filmteractive 2013 photo report

Visit our Pinterest profile.
Visit our Pinterest profile.

It’s been two weeks since Filmteractive 2013.
If you already miss us, please visit our Pinterest profile and take a look at the photos: www.pinterest.com/filmteractive/

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/FilmteractiveFestival
10 october

Hyper Island’s high-end workshop on branded content during Filmteractive 2013

Hyper Island’s high-end workshop on branded content during Filmteractive 2013
And for those who want more, we have the following information: Hyper Island is coming to Warsaw on 20 - 22 November to host their world-famous Master Class!

The Filmteractive Participants had a chance to get a sneak peek of the methodology
of the world famous Swedish digital learning institution. The additional attraction on the second Filmtractive day was Hyper Island workshop „What is your perspective on Branded Content?” focused on creating high-end and effective branded content. Almost 60 representatives of the polish advertising and multimedia industry took part in the workshop.

To see the photos visit:

In November Hyper Island is going to visit Poland for the second time. The famous digital learning institution is going to host their Master Class in Warsaw. The 3-day Hyper Island Master Class is an introduction to a new way of thinking about digital, seeking to raise awareness and to inspire participants to create functional change in their organisations.

Learn more at: hyperisland.digitalone.pl
Register at: ssl.hyperisland.com/programs-and-courses/register/omc131112waw
30 september

Summing up the Filmteractive 2013 Conference

Summing up the Filmteractive 2013 Conference
The main focus of the speakers' presentations was the application of second screen solutions.

Depicting modern shift in media content production, predicting the future of the traditional television and discussing different aspects of second screen solutions, were just a few motives appearing in the multitude of highly engaging presentations.

Among other speakers, the Filmteractive audience had a chance to listen to the following:

Patrice Slupowski , Vice-President of the New Growth Businesses Division of the Orange group pointed out the phenomenon of the rise in consumption of videos. According to him the recommendation and personalization will be vital for multimedia content in the future.

Isa Ostertag, a managing editor for New Media at ZDF, claimed that experimental and niche projects are important as innovative projects are crucial for the existence of public broadcasters.

Olgierd Cygan, founder and CEO at Digital One, argued that introducing branded content into different media solutions should be governed by several rules: keeping in mind individual strategy of a company, delivering quality content, acting quickly, being transparent and bold.

Alex Hryniewicz, Senior Multiplatform Producer at Maverick Television, claimed that nowadays people get too easily distracted from watching television thus the additional experience is crucial.

Other speakers were: Yifat Fouchs (Screenz, Israel), Carsten Witt (Ooyala, Germany), Frank van Oirschot (Ex Machina, Netherlands), Renaud Fuchs (Second Screen Society Report,UK), Mariusz Stecki (TVP, Poland), Szymon Karbowski (TOYA, Poland), Simon Staffans (Media City, Finland).

30 september

Filmteractive Festival – the place to be for the innovative artists

Filmteractive Festival – the place to be for the innovative artists
The highlights of the Filmteractive Festival 2013

Filmteractive Festival was devoted to digital creators and artists, who presented their innovative film & crossmedia projects, as well as digital art cases. The Festival speakers were:

Dr Christa Sommerer (Austria), Professor at Kunstuniversität Linz, presented her interactive digital art projects and interactive interfaces, which she has been creating for over 20 years together with her partner Laurent Mignonneau.

The Kissinger Twins (UK | Poland), Dawid Marcinkowski and Kasia Kifert, the winners of this year’s Webby Awards best interactive video presented “The Trip” - a transmedia project inspired by an unusual story of a certain trip to the moon.

Adipat Virdi (Transmediasphere, UK), the well-known transmedia producer presented his most acknowledged project “Searching”. The project looked to raise awareness around honor-based crimes. He used it as a case study to show how multiplatform edutainment experiences can help eradicate Forced Marriages and Honor Crimes.

Arseny Vesnin (Designcollector, Rosja), has presented the best works of the Russian motion design artists.

27 september

"Nullpunkt" from Estonia – the winners of the Filmteractive Market

The winners got the 10.000PLN HBO price!

"Nullpunkt" is a transmedia storytelling project, involving several mediums and several activities, which give the audience the opportunity to immerse into the storyworld and be part of it. Audiences have multiple entry points to the story – the book, the film, casting for the film, the production blog with an alternative narrative, the alternate reality game, the book-crossing activities, theme song writing contest, TV series and many more. One can enter the storyworld starting from any entry point, with the story still being easy to understand and to follow.

To get more information about “Nullpunkt” visit: http://vimeo.com/66665588


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